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This is Steve ...

Steve’s mouth is in pain due to years of untreated dental problems. His dentist has told him it will be over $1,000 to fix his problems, but he doesn’t have any benefits at work to cover the cost and doesn’t have the extra cash to fix the problem.

What should Steve do?

What should Steve do?

  • A

    Leave his problems untreated, suffer through the pain and miss time off work, never being able to save money to pay for the procedure.

  • B

    Ask his doctor for a prescription for painkillers, leaving his teeth to worsen over the years, eventually having to spend more money and time at the dentist.

What happened?

Steve called 211 for assistance and was referred to United Way’s Brushed Aside: Dental Care Access program. Through this program, Steve was able to get an interest free loan to cover the cost of his treatment and make small monthly payments that he could afford.

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