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This is Lindsey ...

Lindsey’s son, Joshua, is struggling with a learning disability. He’s quickly falling behind in school and his teacher is recommending tutoring. Lindsey has done some research and tutoring costs $40/hour. On her wage, she can’t afford it.

What should Lindsey do?

What should Lindsey do?

  • A

    Pay the money and have to cut back on Joshua’s extracurricular actives that help with his focus and ability to concentrate. Without these activities, he will require more tutoring to make up for what he lost in his activities.

  • B

    Opt not to get extra help for Joshua, hold him back a year in school and hope he catches up on his own.

What happened?

Lindsey didn’t want to see Joshua fail. His teacher recommended a United Way funded program that helped children with learning disabilities receive one on one tutoring. Lindsey enrolled Joshua and quickly saw a change in not only his reading, but his entire personality.

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