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This is Jill ...

Fifteen years ago at age 24, Jill was diagnosed with MS. The disease has progressed rapidly and she is now confined to a wheelchair and unable to work. Jill’s daughter, Mary, spends much of her time caring for her Mom. She does the majority of the cooking and cleaning and doesn’t have time to be a kid.

What should Jill do?

What should Jill do?

  • A

    Stretch her already thin budget and enroll Mary in extracurricular activities, leaving her unable to pay for necessary medical bills.

  • B

    Ignore Mary’s problems and hope they go away on their own - never giving her a chance to enjoy her childhood and resenting her mother.

What happened?

Jill knew that Mary needed to experience some new activities, but her budget didn’t allow for those opportunities. Jill heard about a United Way funded program that provides access to recreational activities for children affected by MS. Mary was able to attend and meet other children were experiencing the same difficulties.

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