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This is Jerry ...

Jerry has had a tough life. He has struggled with addiction problems but has spent the last year working on staying sober and getting his life on track. He recently moved from a shelter into a new apartment and has an interview for a full-time job in two weeks. Until he secures full-time employment Jerry has no money to get by.

What should Jerry do?

What should Jerry do?

  • A

    Live without any basic necessities, leaving him scared and tempted to relapse.

  • B

    Use a credit card to purchase some basic starter items, knowing he doesn’t have the cash to pay it off.

What happened?

Jerry didn’t want to begin his new life in debt. He asked a local agency for help and was given basic necessities to start off his new home through United Way’s Welcome Home Kit initiative. Jerry was elated. He now had the supplies he needed to get by.

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