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This is Janelle ...

She is a single mom of two boys, Michael and Mark. She works full-time at a minimum wage job but it's getting difficult to make ends meet. Today, Mark asked to join a hockey team with his friends. The cost to register and buy the necessary equipment is $850.

What should Janelle do?

What should Janelle do?

  • A

    Say no and risk having Mark feel left out, be bullied by his friends and lose out on developing crucial team working skills for years to come.

  • B

    Pay the $850 and miss rent payment. Not only will she be behind with rent for the month, but it will send her finances into a downward spiral, potentially leaving her homeless after a few months.

What happened?

Knowing that neither of these options were ideal, Janelle looked into other possibilities. She found that in her neighbourhood there was a United Way After School program. Here, Mark could access free recreational activities as well as homework help and healthy snacks.

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