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This is Christine ...

Christine recently graduated from a local training program as a PSW. She is searching for a full-time job, but works at a local diner to get by. Her boss just told her they are closing down for three weeks to renovate the restaurant and she won’t get any shifts. After her first week off, her cupboards are bare and she is out of money.

What should Christine do?

What should Christine do?

  • A

    Try to get by without eating, losing the energy needed to look for more work, and making herself sick.

  • B

    Ask various friends to borrow money to help her get by, knowing that she might not be able to pay them back.

What happened?

Christine knew that neither of these options would work for her. She couldn’t go weeks without eating and her friends didn’t have enough money to loan her any. Christine turned to a United Way funded food program where she was able to access emergency food provisions to get her through the next few weeks.

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