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St. Catharines, ON L2R 3C4
Telephone: 905.688.5050

Share the Way

You’ve seen their faces, and you’ve read their stories. But what now?

Being aware of the support and services United Way provides means you’ve already taken a step towards advancing the common good of our community.

But to create lasting change, we ask that you share the way using the two options below.

Spread the word.

Not able to donate money? Show your appreciation of United Way by sending a personal message to your family and friends about our campaign. By raising awareness we’ll be able to create a network of ambassadors to create lasting change for those who need it most.

Simply fill out the form below to tell those closest to you how you’ve helped share the way, and that they should too!

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Many of us have no idea what it’s like to live in poverty. But sadly, many Niagara residents who live in poverty work full-time.

To support lasting change in our community I want to raise awareness of United Way, and help support the programs and services they offer.

Check out to see how they have taken real-life struggles and transformed them into stories of salvation and hope.

Together we can share the way. The United Way.

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